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HOTIX Pro Powerfull Mini Heater

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HOTIX Pro Powerfull Mini Heater
HOTIX Pro Powerfull Mini Heater
HOTIX Pro Powerfull Mini Heater
HOTIX Pro Powerfull Mini Heater

If you hate being cold and dont want to raise your electricity bill then you need to get this product. It's a super small, powerfull heater that consumes much less energythan regular heaters. Youwill be surprise on how fast this thing can heat up the room. It can heat up a room up to 250 sp Ft. and make it 37% warmer in a few minutes.


The Secret in the instaheat technology.The ceramic element stays warm30% longer so it doesn't have to use as much powerto reheat over and over again. The fan inside HotixPro then sucks the air out through the hot ceremic element and distributes it evenly throughout the room.



Reasons to Love Hotix Pro

  • Quickly heat upto 250 sq ft. with Instaheat technology
  • Save Money on Electricity
  • Small & Powerfull: Spave saving design with no cables or plugs.
  • 12 hr programmable timer: warm up te room and comein ewhen its cozy
  • Safe: Overheat protection system automatically shuts it off when too hot
  • Easy to use & Super Quiet: Simply plug it and adjust the temprature as its starts heating. So quiet you'll forget its there.


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