Natural Opal Beads Bracelet

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Beaded Natural Opal Bracelet
Beaded Natural Opal Bracelet
Beaded Natural Opal Bracelet

God's Stone

A magnificent Beaded Natural Opal Bracelet flashes its brilliance. Legend says that when Gods were creating all the stones, Opal got a little piece of each one of the stones. NATURAL OPAL BEADS BRACELET

Rich History

The Roman historian, Pliny the Elder, described the Opal as a precious stone because of its abilities to uplift and inspire to uncover your true self. 

Natural Opal Beads Bracelet

Increase Confidence And Self-Worth

Among the ancients, Opal was a symbol of fidelity and assurance. They believed in its ability to enhances self-worth, confidence and its assistance to understand your full potential

Natural Opal Beads Bracelet

For Creative Spirits

Natural Opal can inspire your originality, creativity and give you energy every time you need an extra boost.


Length: 21.65 Inch (55cm)


Remember that all natural gemstones reveal true beauty under the direct sunlight. 

Please note that processing time can take up to 3 daysBecause of the very HIGH DEMAND, please allow 10-20 days for delivery (to be safe).

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